Back At It

That’s right. Boot camp. I went to boot camp yesterday with my awesome trainer Gabriel at GDM Fitness for the first time in…a longtime. I am embarrassed to say. Considering I am supposed to be SO into fitness. But I have an excuse, right?

First came the wedding. Then came the marathon taper. Then came Hurricane Sandy. Then came the marathon. Then didn’t come the marathon. Then came another marathon taper. Then DID come a different marathon. Then came the rest week. Then came the sick week. Now here I am!

Basically life has been like:



So now, I am getting back into my fitness routine slowly but surely.

I can tell that I am soft right now. Too many carbs, too much alcohol, not enough fitness routine. My stomach is as square and spongy as Sponge Bob. Don’t get me wrong I have run 1.5-4.5 miles here and there. Lifted once. Did a yoga class. Did a pilates class. In that time…but that is not QUITE enough to keep the extra calories at bay.

No need to give you the breakdown of how hard class was last night. It is usually hard–but last night it was unusually hard. You know after you have been out of your fitness routine for a while and your upper body strength is a joke? Your lower body is so tight you can barely do a squat? Yeah.

Me getting back into the routine:



If my mom is correct (which she usually is) I will be back to my normal strength in just a few weeks. Gotta keep at it, gotta keep at it. Tonight I am going on a short run with my running buddy! So excited to catch up and go on a WARM December run with her. We haven’t run since before each of our marathons! Crazy how time flies!

How are you staying in shape during this time of year? Do you find it is harder or easier to get your workouts in with so many tempting activities around you?

Happy Tuesday!!



3 thoughts on “Back At It

  1. I always see people working out nights in CP. Your trainer sounds great – Do you recommend a certain night? Are bootcamps every day? Are they pricey? I want to try it out!

    • Central Park is great!! He has a different schedule in the winter and we do it in a midtown west studio, but I like Mondays in winter because it is full body! It isn’t too pricey he is great 🙂 Hope you try it out!

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