How I Felt

Before running 4.5 miles for the first time in…I won’t even say….last night, I thought I was gonna be like:


In the beginning I was like aww hell no. But then I saw my favorite running partner. It turned into a great, warm, December run! We only did a small loop in central park but we got to catch up a little bit and get some mileage in. It is so nice to have those friends you can meet up for workouts with instead of dinner and drinks. Do you have friends like that? What types of workouts do you like to do together? Do you find the time is more special together?

So basically this is what the beginning to end of my run looked like:


So happy to be running again. I plan on doing a lunchtime run since I am still working from home since Hurricane Sandy. Those are really my favorite because you get back to work and are like  YEAH LET’S GO!!!! It is like taking a shot of adrenaline or something. Right? Right.

Happy Hump Day my loves!




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