Run Ashlee, Run

My name is Ashlee. I love to run.  Sometimes fast, sometimes slow.  I race on the weekends and so far my favorite distance is 13.1, but I am tackling my first marathon in 2012!  That marathon happens to be the NYC Marathon!

NYC Half 2012

I love running races of all distances, and challenging myself with all types of fitness. Tough Mudders, Zombie Runs, Color Runs, Kettle Bell classes–you name it! I live for mornings in Central Park and don’t care how stupid I look in my running back pack (it holds all my stuff so I can run wherever, whenever, I want!!!!!!) Often times you will read my blogs and I will be referring to my love, Hank.  Hank is what his friends call him–he is my #1 fan (besides my mom, of course)

Hank and Mom

All I want from this blog is for people to feel inspired. To do something. To run some distance. To give this sport a chance.

Central Park

Happy Running!


8 thoughts on “Run Ashlee, Run

  1. Hello Ashlee,

    Thanks for sharing interesting things in this blog. I admire people who are motivated for getting great goals in their life. And you know what? I think I will give me a chance to do exercise XD.

    All the best!

  2. I just started running again after 10 years of not being very healthy or active. I ran a half marathon back then and I am training to do a 5k. I am going to visit you for inspiration! 🙂

  3. I love to run too! Even if I AM 75 pounds overweight and a reeeeeeally slow. I am running my third half on Saturday and my first marathon in November! Good luck with your first marathon (if you haven’t done it already)!

  4. Hi Ashlee,
    I’m a runner myself and your blog caught my eye. I started running anywhere from 2k to 10ks so far about a month and a half ago. I got introduced to a website called Tribesports which gives all kinds of workout challenges for many different sports. Look forward to following your blogs!

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