My Life in Pictures

From Penn State, my first 13.1, random nights out and trips with friends and family…Run, Ashlee, Run in pictures!

Summer loving


My first 1st place finish 5.13.12

our favorite pastime, the family boat!

number 1 love.

getting along Christmas 2011 (my brother and me)

BFFs love to eat

Me, Sister-in-law, Mom, Aunt, Cousin

New Years 2011–my bff

26.2–marathon training partner, Siwei

NYC Half 2012 with my mom!

California with my best friend in the world

College Girls @ B’s Bach Party 2011

Thunder Road Half Nov 2011 (Dad and Stepmom)

Central Park 5 miler

Bro piloted our first trip to Pitt!

Central Park 5 miler

NYC Half with my bests 2011 (1st half)

NYC Half 2011

LA with H

H & me in our natural habitat

New addition to the college roomies ❤

PSU Roomie Britt, The Lion, and me

My college besties and me at The Lion Shrine


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