How I Felt

Before running 4.5 miles for the first time in…I won’t even say….last night, I thought I was gonna be like: In the beginning I was like aww hell no. But then I saw my favorite running partner. It turned into a great, warm, December run! We only did a small loop in central park but … Continue reading

Back At It

That’s right. Boot camp. I went to boot camp yesterday with my awesome trainer Gabriel at GDM Fitness for the first time in…a longtime. I am embarrassed to say. Considering I am supposed to be SO into fitness. But I have an excuse, right? First came the wedding. Then came the marathon taper. Then came … Continue reading

Music Tuesday

Should I start making “Music Tuesday” a thing? Hmm. Maybe. But for now it is a this Tuesday thing. Before I share with you one of the new jams I am running/working out/walking/generally jamming to let’s talk about my first day of lifting. Yesterday for the first time in about 2 months I lifted again. … Continue reading

Engagement Season, Ya’ll.

So far this engagement season 4 people that I have had contact with in my lifetime and am still “friends” with have gotten engaged. And by so far in this engagement season, I mean last week. Also, I am starting engagement season a little early. Don’t even ask me to know how many there are … Continue reading

Hump Day

Hi there! It is hump day. Woo hoo! Normally on Wednesdays I look forward to (or dread) a long run maybe mixed in with some speed-work. But this is no normal Wednesday. This is the Wednesday after I ran 26.2 miles. I am happy to report that I am finally starting to feel less sore. … Continue reading

Harrisburg MARATHON Recap

Hi everyone!! Wow. I can’t believe it is over. 26.2 miles. I went with my mini-me on Saturday afternoon to pick up my race bib. Here is the pic she got of me. Marathon attempt #2 Here is a recap of race day! I woke up around 5:30 and had a bagel with peanut butter … Continue reading

Get Your Head In The Run!

You could say that lately things have been a little weird. 1. Hurricane Sandy. 2. Hurricane Sandy. 3. Hurricane Sandy. Basically my marathon was on, and then canceled. My office had havoc wreaked on it and has been closed until further notice (nothing like working from home in sweats, while watching bad daytime TV, heh?). … Continue reading


I will keep this short. I do not care about your specific opinions. I do not care about your specific reasons why. I do not care about what you think is right or wrong. But what I do care about is that you get out there and vote! Unfortunately I was not given a sticker … Continue reading

Let the Taper Begin (again)

The last week has been an insane one, to say the least. Hurricane Sandy let all of the anger it had out on the area that I call home. Things have been chaotic and my life is still turned upside down! I have not been at work since Oct 26th. So awesome! ┬áThis sucks and … Continue reading